In the modern business world, it is not enough to be just a competent professional with a thorough knowledge (e.g. finance, project development, profit and loss forecast, cash flow, marketing etc.)/ All modern research proves that we must also sound, look and behave like a professional as well.

Our goal is: to provide businessmen/women with all the soft skills needed to make the best out of what they already have (hard skills) and help them to expand professionally to give them and their organisation the competitive edge.

We propose a series of courses in the form of workshops or individual sessions to raise their awareness of the importance of image, and its components - voice/ non-verbal communication, body language, effective communication, behaviour, etiquette, dress codes and networking in order to become a confident and successful the private and the professional life.

Impact Optimisation is intelligent image consultancy for intelligent people

  • is sensitive and professional
  • never aims to change but enhances what is there already
  • increases confidence
  • improves communication
  • enhances relationships
  • extends personal impact and presence
  • helping men and women to make the best of themselves appropriately...
    appropriate to their own personality, their lifestyle, status, location, physicals and budget... and ASPIRATIONS.